I Am A Feminist

Hi, My name is Jessica Rae and I'm a proud Feminist.

At the base of the Feminist Movement is equal rights. Equal Pay for Equal Work. We're not asking for a any favors, just the same job opportunities. That doesn't mean that just because I'm a woman someone should hire me for a construction job that I have absolutely no qualifications for. Nobody wants me to build them a house, I can assure you. It just means, that should a woman have the qualifications to build a house she should get paid just as much as a man to do it. If that same woman is kick ass enough to be over a construction crew, she should not be overlooked for that position because she has a vagina. See where I'm going with this?
I've never met someone personally who couldn't agree with that, so why such the controversy??

What is really wrong with the movement? In my opinion that nobody asked for, its WOMEN.
I've written a post on Girl Hate before, and recently read Brooke's from Love & Other Blogs post about ladies discriminating ladies. We are our own worst enemies to the Girl Power Movement.

Around the 'Net lately I've been reading other women's thoughts on what being a Feminist means, or should mean. I think people have a certain image in their head of what it should look like to exude the image of being a strong, powerful, independent woman. As a woman who is about to be a mama to a girl it has had me thinking a lot about what it means to me to be a Feminist.
I think WOMEN want to create this role of what a Feminist is, and then tell other women what they are not. Way to go women, lets put ourselves back in boxes we never wanted to be in to begin with.
We judge each others decisions more than any man probably ever has.

Being a Feminist to me means the right to choose to be whoever I want to be.
 It means not conforming to any persons thoughts on what it means to be a respectable Lady.
I can choose to shave my legs, or not.
I can choose to go to college, or not.
I can have my own career, or not.
I can choose to stay at home and pop out as many kids as my Significant Other and I decide to pop out, or none at all.
I can choose to dress as sexy and scantly clad as I please, or as modest.
I can wear as much makeup as I want, or never have that stuff touch my face.
I can have sex as much or as little as I want with whomever I please.
I can have my own opinions/beliefs about stuff and change them as often as I want.
I can do whatever makes me happy.
 I can look, do, be, whoever or whatever I want to be and turn right around and switch it up again.
I'm allowed to make my own mistakes and learn from them on my own journey of self discovery.

We are women, and that is our one common denominator. We are strong, and smart and can make decisions for ourselves thank y'all very much. We don't need anyone telling us how to look, think, or feel about ourselves. We don't need to be shamed into conforming into whatever mold some person has thought for us.

I'm a Girl's Girl. I'm a supporter of women everywhere, to do and be who they please. Its your life, its your body and I'll fight for those rights for every girl til the end of my days. I am a Feminist.

I want to leave you with  some inspiring pro-girl images. I want to get you thinking, what does the word Feminist mean to you.

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  1. Great post Jess! I really love reading posts like these where you just tell it like it is!


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